A Digital Nighttime Clock.

App for iPhone and iPad. Displays the time in colors. Single-tap on the digits to cycle through the screen brightness. Double-tap on the digits to cycle through a series of colors. Double-tap on the black background to change between 12 and 24hr formats. In 12hr mode there is a dot "." after the digits to designate "PM". Curious feature of iPhones is that if you have 24hr mode set up in Settings/General/Date & Time then the clock won't allow you to display 12hr mode. If the 24hr time is turned off then you can chose which of the two are displayed. No alarms. No attempts to upsell you. Make sure the phone is plugged in as it will use some power during the night. Note that the dimmest setting is too dim to see in room light, much less daylight. Go into a closet and wait a few minutes to see the dimmest setting :-).

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